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Sage 50c

Sage 50c

Sage 50c





The UK’s favourite accounting software just got better.

Trusted by over 400,000 businesses, Sage 50 Accounts is now Sage 50c... and it and will change the way you do business forever.

Run your business more efficiently with a time-saving in-depth solution to manage your accounting, invoicing, cash-flow, inventory, taxes, and so much more.

Sage 50c seamlessly combines the power and productivity of a trusted desktop solution, with secure online access and Microsoft Office 365 integration. An Office 365 Business Premium seat is included for FREE with Sage 50c Standard or Professional.


Sage 50c


Sage One

Sage One

Everything you need to take care of business

Perfect for the small business or start-up



Discover how Sage One makes accounting east for you.

Business success is not just about driving sales and figures. In fact, in order to achieve success in business it is essential that employers implement the relevant legislation. This is where compliance comes into play. Employers are required to keep financial records and make deductions according to their legal obligations. If you’re running a start-up, or any limited company, keeping financial records is not just about keeping on the right side of the law; it’s keeping employees happy and informed. And this is good for business. Running a successful payroll system provides clarity to everyone involved. Here are five tips to help:

1 – Record all payments made to employees. All payments to employees have to be recorded even if employees earn less than £112.00 a week. Employees are also entitled to a payslip. All salary payslips have to include gross and net amounts, which in turn means that any salary deductions, such as tax and National Insurance contributions have to be calculated accurately.  Once completed, the next step is to report pay and deductions to HMRC in Full Payment Submission (FPS).

2 –Employees records are essential. Make sure these are kept up to date and accurate. It is mandatory that details such as address, marital status and bank accounts be reviewed regularly. Failure to do that may result in a breach of compliance and result in a fine.

3 – Knowing relevant legislation is key. Are there any schemes or benefit packages that employees need to enrol in? For example, in the UK, since 2012 that automatic enrolment in a workplace pension has become mandatory. In other countries a pension scheme is optional. HMRC provides extensive information about employees’ schemes and contributions you and your employees are required to make.

4 – Once payslips are completed, and all the relevant information compiled, the next step is to report pay and deductions to HMRC in Full Payment Submission (FPS) or Employment Payment Summary (EPS) in the case you are reclaiming any statutory payments. Incorrect information may result in overpayments or, worse still, fines.

5 – Finally, a big part of getting payroll and compliance right is about choosing the right software system. This means working with an integrated system that can handle multiple operations. Some of the tasks involved include: assessment of workforce; postponement; calculation of pension contributions; opt-ins and joining; opt-outs and refunds; generating communications to staff; keeping records; operating with some or all pension scheme providers.



Office 365

Office 365

Office 365 - Built for your business. Learn how it can help your business.

It's the Office you know, plus tools to help you work better together,

Your go-to Office—anywhere

Whether you’re working in your office or on the go, you get a familiar, top-of-the-line set of productivity tools. Office applications —always the latest versions—let you create, edit, and share from your PC/Mac or your iOS, Android™, or Windows device with anyone in real time.


Tools for the professional

Brand your business-class email address with your company name to build name recognition, and market your business with customized marketing materials that are easy to create. Connect better with customers and colleagues with a range of communication tools, from email and IM to social networking and video conferencing.


Tools for teamwork

With 1 TB of storage per user, you’ll have plenty of space for all your files. Plus, because your files are stored online, you can share with people in or outside your company, from wherever you’re working, whenever you need to. And with multi-party HD video, content sharing, shared calendars, and team chat, you’ll always be in sync with your team.


Easy setup and management

We will set up users easily and you can start using the services fast. You can access the easy-to-use admin center from anywhere to manage all your services. And Office 365 takes care of IT for you, so your services are always up and running and up to date.


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Pensions…. are you ready for Automatic Enrolment?

Pensions…. are you ready for Automatic Enrolment?

Sage Payroll - Are you ready for Automatic Enrolment?

1 in 3 business do not know what Automatic Enrolment is.

Under new legislation employers will have to automatically enrol eligible employees into a workplace pension. Small businesses will start staging from 2015 onwards but it's important to start preparing now.


Sage is a trusted brand for customers seeking Payroll advice. Get to know your stuff and you can guide your customers through this change.



What will you need to do?

  • Assess the eligibility of their workforce

  • Review their current workplace pension arrangements

  • Communicate information to their employees

  • Facilitate opting out requests and refunds

  • Keep accurate & up-to-date records


When will employers need to act?

Each employer will be given a date from which the changes will have to be in place. This is known as your auto enrolment 'staging date'.

Staging dates will broadly be based on the number of people you have in your PAYE scheme. As a small or medium business, your staging date is likely to be between 2014 and 2016. The pensions regulator will contact employers 6 to 12 months before their staging date.

We have created some assets that will help you support your customers with this change:


KBS now a supplier for Heartsine Defibrillators

KBS now a supplier for Heartsine Defibrillators



Automated External Defibrillator for Cardiac Arrests

Sudden Cardiac Arrest often strikes without warning,

More people are becoming aware of this unique life saving device. KBS are now a supplier of the Heartsine Defibrillators, making these products far more accessible for all workplace environments.

Cardiac Arrest
In the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, good CPR is so important to maintain the supply of oxygenated blood to the brain and other organs, as the first shock will not always bring about a return of spontaneous circulation.

These innovative automated external defibrillator can be used on individuals in cardiac arrest. It’s a fully automated system that analyses heart rhythm and automatically delivers an electric shock, if necessary.

This life saving device has helped save 43 lives in the first 6 months of 2014, which is staggering. 

More than just a defibrillator, the device will also give Live CPR feedback based on real-time blood flow.

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Sage 50 to 200 Migration

Sage 50 to 200 Migration



Outgrowing your Sage 50 package?

Sage 50 is a fantastic entry level accounting package. However, company growth and development can put pressure on software, leading to a system that no longer matches your business needs. KBS can help you make that transition to Sage 200, providing you with the ability to manage more complex business processes and functionality.

As an accounting program, Sage 50 offers a good start for any small business; it’s fast, reliable, and simple to use. Businesses are able to effectively manage day-to-day accounting with the program’s cash flow, invoicing, banking, and customer features. However, as your business grows, be it the volume of sales; number of employees; additional offices, retail shops, or warehouses; you have perhaps noticed that your operations are not running as smoothly as they once did.

Your business requirements have changed, but that’s okay. By learning the tell tale signs that your business has outgrown Sage 50, you can open up your business to the next stage of growth. Here are some of the most common signs that signal your business has likely outgrown your accounting program, Sage 50:

  • You Have More Than 20 Employee Users in Your Company

Sage 50 limits the number of users that can simultaneously access and use the program. By upgrading Sage 50 to a higher user capacity, businesses can temporarily plug the hole. However, this does not address the need for additional business functions and since a new capacity still looms over the business, there will continue to be future disruption. If Sage 50 were a scalable business program, number of users wouldn’t be a cause for concern as your business continues to grow. Instead of using an accounting program, growing businesses often switch to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) program because it doesn’t present a user cap nor does adding additional users affect system performance.

Do you find that Sage 50 User Support System is Unable to Meet Your Business Needs Today?

As your business grows you’ve realise that you need more functionality to support new requirements such as customer relationship management (CRM), more robust inventory management, and timely reporting. The trouble is that the features you are looking for are not available in Sage 50 and the add-on solutions available are not seamlessly integrated with the program. This reduces visibility, may require manual processing of data and more of your most valuable resource as a business owner: time.


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The rise of Ransomware – a growing threat to business

The rise of Ransomware – a growing threat to business















You’ve heard the term thrown around the internet and media, affecting one company or another, a council, or even a hospital. But what is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that sits in the background of your computer and encrypts your valuable files. This can include:

• Important financial data such as accounts or payroll data
• Sensitive business documentation
• Business/personal photos

“The Ransomware ‘CryptoWall 3’ was responsible for an estimated $325 (£224) million in damages in 2015.”

Upon successfully completing the encryption process your files become inaccessible and a message is then displayed on your screen asking to pay for them to become unlocked.

How do I become infected?

Ransomware typically is spread via phishing emails with links / attachments or ‘drive by download’ websites (a website which contains scripts when visited automatically start a download of malicious software).

The 5 stages of Ransomware

Stage 1: Exploitation and Infection

For ransomware to be able to be encrypt contents on a machine. It first needs to be downloaded and triggered. This typically happens via a email containing a malicious attachment or a website that automatically downloads a file to your computer. (Time taken for Stage 1: 0 Seconds )

Stage 2: Delivery and Continuity

At this point the program that actually performs the encryption of files is delivered to the compromised computer. The program then proceeds to ensure it can continue running should it be interrupted by a user logging off. (Time taken for Stage 2: 5 Seconds)

Stage 3: Backup Locations

Now installed, the ransomware both targets and spoils any known local backup files to ensure recovery is not possible via any connected backup means. (Time taken for Stage 3: 10 Seconds)

Stage 4: File Encryption Begins

Once the backup solutions have been taken out of the equation the Ransomware can now communicate with the criminals control server and generate keys to encrypt your data. At this point the encryption of your files begins. (Time taken for Stage 4: 2 to 20 minutes)

Stage 5: User Notification

Now with the encryption of user files complete. The Ransomware displays a notifications on screen and demands payment. (Time taken for Complete Encryption: 22 minutes)

How do I get my data back?

Well the short answer is off-site Backups. Modern day Ransomware specifically targets common backup strategies. Even though there is an option to pay a ransom. There are no guarantees upon paying your data will be released. Just like the bad guy in your favourite action movie. He gets his ransom then asks for more (how rude!).

So what do I do?

Well think about your data.

It’s vital to your business, your staff, clients – all of it. How is it being backed up? Is it even being backed up at all? What would happen if a member of staff inadvertently clicked a link which sent said Ransomware secretly gallivanting across your files making them permanently inaccessible?

Can you afford the downtime?

Ransomware can bring a company to a halt for days whilst data recovery processes are in operation. For an example at the start of 2016 a UK based council was brought to a halt for a week whilst their IT services recovered from a ransomware based attack.

“72 percent of companies are unable to access their files for two days, and 32 per cent for five days, or more.”


• Invest in an offsite backup strategy preferably one with a roll back period allowing you to recover from several days back if needed.
• Invest in a anti-spam solution for an added tier of support from email threats.
• Review and remove unnecessary permissions from users. If you have access to all data then your user account puts all that data at risk.
• Review and invest in a trusted reputable antivirus solution.
• Keep your staff members informed on what to watch out for. Phishing emails and malware are constantly evolving and ultimately these are let in to the system from a single user click.

If you would like further advice on any aspect of Ransomware please don’t hesitate to contact the KBS IT Services Team:

Telephone 02890 370088

Simplify your document management and workflow.

Simplify your document management and workflow.


Providing the Complete Solution for Business Documents

Document Management with KBS means much more than storing and organising documents electronically. We provide solutions that are deeply integrated within a company’s IT system, automating document-intensive processes saving your organisation time and money.

Electronic Storage

• Flexible, Mobile Access

• Reliable Security Measures

• Strategic Process Management

All Documents Types –One Document Pool


Paper isn’t the only problem when managing business documents. A quickly growing stockpileof data and multiple information sources poseadditional challenges for companies. The foundationfor intelligent information handling is the structuredstorage of all documents in one central documentpool. Together with your company’s other ITsystems – such as your email or ERP program –KBS provides the organisational backbonefor all your documents. Authorised users can thentap into all the information they need to get theirjobs done, no matter their location or hardware.Within seconds, they have the materials they needregarding a customer, a project, or a workflow – allin one inter-connected place. Without the chaos ofmultiple versions, colleagues can read, share andwork on the same documents. Our solutionalso protects documents from tampering or lossand always ensures that your company fulfillscompliance guidelines.

Digital Workflows



We provide more than just an information platformor tamper-free archive – it’s the strategic interfacewithin your company’s IT to manage and networkdigital processes. At the heart of this are specificallydefined workflows. They guide documents electronicallyfrom user to user. They make sure that yourcolleagues view, verify or authorise as needed andthat they tackle their tasks in a correct and timelymanner. Every processing step is automaticallydocumented and can be checked at any time, whilea workflow is in process or during the entire storagelifetime of a document.

No one can risk losing knowledge, work unproductively or waste valuable resources. Now is the time to talk to KBS about how we can help you invest in a Document Management Solution and the competitive future of your company.


Discover how KBS can help your organisation optimise its performance. -  Get in touch


Office Supplies

Office Supplies

From paper and toner to staples and pens, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need at a price that makes sense. And we’ll give you a service that keeps everything simple.

Solutions that deliver real benefits

Solutions that deliver real benefits

KBS provide a complete range of products and technical solutions, including all imaging devices, MFD, Photocopiers, media, software and our digital photographic equipment. Whether for commercial or home use, our free quote will have products to suit every budget.

Impartial and objective always

As an independent organisation, we tailor solutions for your business that combine technology and our expertise, providing you with a single source for all your print and document needs, in fact KBS can provide almost anything that you require within your office environment.

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