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More and more we are seeing challenges for many of our customers that have developed as a result of cybercrime.

Due to outcomes of these recent developments, we have decided to extend advice and guidance for our customers to help prevent and provide a better understanding on the safe guards and best practice processes that can be adapted to prevent an attack.

Ask anyone involved in fighting cybercrime on a daily basis about what business should know, and the first thing that they will say is that no organisation is immune. The second most frequently raised point is that no business can afford to ignore cyber crime, which is estimated to cost the global economy around £288bn per year.

Common downtime and damage to computer systems are being caused by Virus/Malware/Ransomware and Scareware threats. The most damaging activity at present is Crypto Locker type Malware that infects computer systems and encrypts the data on the computer where it resides.

The outcome of any attack can be costly and virtually untraceable, particularly when there are no guarantees.

As a valued customer with KBS, we would like to provide our services to demonstrate how simple internal processes and procedures can prevent any such attacks.

In addition to this we can review your online security and make suggestions that increase your protection including firewall, mail scanning and web browsing protection.

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