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Hit the next level of Retail Efficiency for your business with KBS.

 KBS Retail Support Services are designed to fully align themselves with your infrastructure requirements and provide a complete checklist of hardware incident monitoring and back office management. There are two levels of support, incorporating: device, onsite support, and remote operations themes.

 We deliver a ‘proactive silent’ and scalable service, that’s stable, robust and a trusted gateway to a number of other value-added KBS IT services. All of them enable retail operations to hone their strategy and achieve their corporate goals without carrying the burden of employing and retaining in-house support.  

Our resources consist of engineers, dedicated technicians; and logistics, workshop and build facilities. Just like our more ‘advanced’ service, everything is scalable and able to mirror changing business demands, regardless of whether it’s in relation to expansion or geography.

“A support service that drives you forward”

 Our services provide:

√ Increased productivity and minimise downtime for the store operations

√ Scalable to mirror changing business demands in size and geography

√ Standardised, repeatable model for efficiency and stability

√ Dedicated Engineers - resilient, flexible resource capability nationwide

√ Dedicated EPOS technicians

√ Logistics, workshop and build facilities


Optional Services

  • Onsite support services – IMACD, smart hands
  • Image re-configuration
  • Application deployment
  • Hardware installation / deployment
  • De-commission of end user devices
  • OEM warranty process administration

  • Service desk
  • Internal customer technical teams
  • OEMs
  • Third party supplier partners
  • Service management

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