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Providing the Complete Solution for Business Documents

Document Management with KBS means much more than storing and organising documents electronically. We provide solutions that are deeply integrated within a company’s IT system, automating document-intensive processes saving your organisation time and money.

Electronic Storage

• Flexible, Mobile Access

• Reliable Security Measures

• Strategic Process Management

All Documents Types –One Document Pool


Paper isn’t the only problem when managing business documents. A quickly growing stockpileof data and multiple information sources poseadditional challenges for companies. The foundationfor intelligent information handling is the structuredstorage of all documents in one central documentpool. Together with your company’s other ITsystems – such as your email or ERP program –KBS provides the organisational backbonefor all your documents. Authorised users can thentap into all the information they need to get theirjobs done, no matter their location or hardware.Within seconds, they have the materials they needregarding a customer, a project, or a workflow – allin one inter-connected place. Without the chaos ofmultiple versions, colleagues can read, share andwork on the same documents. Our solutionalso protects documents from tampering or lossand always ensures that your company fulfillscompliance guidelines.

Digital Workflows



We provide more than just an information platformor tamper-free archive – it’s the strategic interfacewithin your company’s IT to manage and networkdigital processes. At the heart of this are specificallydefined workflows. They guide documents electronicallyfrom user to user. They make sure that yourcolleagues view, verify or authorise as needed andthat they tackle their tasks in a correct and timelymanner. Every processing step is automaticallydocumented and can be checked at any time, whilea workflow is in process or during the entire storagelifetime of a document.

No one can risk losing knowledge, work unproductively or waste valuable resources. Now is the time to talk to KBS about how we can help you invest in a Document Management Solution and the competitive future of your company.


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