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Sage Payroll - Are you ready for Automatic Enrolment?

1 in 3 business do not know what Automatic Enrolment is.

Under new legislation employers will have to automatically enrol eligible employees into a workplace pension. Small businesses will start staging from 2015 onwards but it's important to start preparing now.


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What will you need to do?

  • Assess the eligibility of their workforce

  • Review their current workplace pension arrangements

  • Communicate information to their employees

  • Facilitate opting out requests and refunds

  • Keep accurate & up-to-date records


When will employers need to act?

Each employer will be given a date from which the changes will have to be in place. This is known as your auto enrolment 'staging date'.

Staging dates will broadly be based on the number of people you have in your PAYE scheme. As a small or medium business, your staging date is likely to be between 2014 and 2016. The pensions regulator will contact employers 6 to 12 months before their staging date.

We have created some assets that will help you support your customers with this change:


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