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Outgrowing your Sage 50 package?

Sage 50 is a fantastic entry level accounting package. However, company growth and development can put pressure on software, leading to a system that no longer matches your business needs. KBS can help you make that transition to Sage 200, providing you with the ability to manage more complex business processes and functionality.

As an accounting program, Sage 50 offers a good start for any small business; it’s fast, reliable, and simple to use. Businesses are able to effectively manage day-to-day accounting with the program’s cash flow, invoicing, banking, and customer features. However, as your business grows, be it the volume of sales; number of employees; additional offices, retail shops, or warehouses; you have perhaps noticed that your operations are not running as smoothly as they once did.

Your business requirements have changed, but that’s okay. By learning the tell tale signs that your business has outgrown Sage 50, you can open up your business to the next stage of growth. Here are some of the most common signs that signal your business has likely outgrown your accounting program, Sage 50:

  • You Have More Than 20 Employee Users in Your Company

Sage 50 limits the number of users that can simultaneously access and use the program. By upgrading Sage 50 to a higher user capacity, businesses can temporarily plug the hole. However, this does not address the need for additional business functions and since a new capacity still looms over the business, there will continue to be future disruption. If Sage 50 were a scalable business program, number of users wouldn’t be a cause for concern as your business continues to grow. Instead of using an accounting program, growing businesses often switch to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) program because it doesn’t present a user cap nor does adding additional users affect system performance.

Do you find that Sage 50 User Support System is Unable to Meet Your Business Needs Today?

As your business grows you’ve realise that you need more functionality to support new requirements such as customer relationship management (CRM), more robust inventory management, and timely reporting. The trouble is that the features you are looking for are not available in Sage 50 and the add-on solutions available are not seamlessly integrated with the program. This reduces visibility, may require manual processing of data and more of your most valuable resource as a business owner: time.


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