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Your business is important to us

The smooth running of your Sage system is a key part in ensuring the continuity of your business and its processes. The Sage support team at KBS fully understand how complex some business processes can be and the frustration they cause when they don’t work properly.

Supporting your business
We are passionate about helping your business grow and develop, that's why at KBS we understand that the smooth running or your Sage system is a key part of or your business continuity, We will hold your hand to help you develop and understand your complex business processes and more important - how we can make your business more productive and efficient.
Training and Development
This speaks for itself, we don't expect you to be the Sage expert. But when it comes to your business, no-one knows it better than you. That's why we will continue to provide training as your team grows and changes as well as bespoke development needed. Tailoring your software specifically for your business and industry and adapt it to work in line with your other software packages. We will also help you get your software up and running quickly and efficiently and integrate it with any of your other business applications.
Our support consultants are there to hold your hand and deliver above our service level agreements on all occasions. Having a single point of contact and coupled with a team's strong expertise, our technical consultants will understand and know your individual business, approaching every issue quickly and professionally.
Guiding you through product and technical queries as well as delivering commercial support for your business. Delivering the importance and guidance so that you can protect your security and more importantly giving you flexibility and confidence of knowing that there is always someone nearby who understands your business.

Talk to our experts today

Based in belfast, our team at KBS Group are at hand to help you make decisions that are right for your business. Contact us today for advice and information on Sage and how we can help your business grow.

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