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To help your people work faster, smarter and make sure your company’s information is available to those who need it — anytime, anywhere. Our service combined with consultancy expertise, flexibility, and operational support give you the tools to streamline your Digital Transformation Journey.

We believe digital should be at the heart of your business change and growth.

Whether you want to enable hybrid working, securely automate business processes or implement an IT and cloud infrastructure, KBS Group has the experience and knowledge to help you get there

Across Belfast and Northern Ireland, companies like yours have come to depend on their legacy devices and networks for business applications, printers and copiers for reports, invoices, and communication. We have enabled organisations to accelerate digital transformation, address office capacity and implement systems and processes to keep the workplace safe, secure and productive. By delivering a positive experience for your employees and customers, you can ensure your business can recover and grow in a changing and new world.

Explore your business area in more detail and embrace the Modern Workplace

Working together anywhere requires a holistic strategy, especially when planning your IT infrastructure and digital working practices. To achieve success, you need a people-focused approach based on employee needs.

We can help you understand how your employees engage with existing technologies, where your business needs to improve, and what is already working well.

Then we’ll consider how information can securely flow efficiently in, around and out of the business, so you get the insights and knowledge that enable you to make informed decisions and affect positive change.

A Digital Experience Assessment provides the knowledge and understanding to accelerate digital transformation, address office capacity challenges and put in place systems and processes to keep your workplace safe, secure and productive.

Do you need help with Microsoft 365? – as a Microsoft 365 partner, we have the expertise and certifications to resolve and guide through issues with minimum fuss and cost.

How to Manage Your Copier and Print Needs

Choosing the best colour printer or photocopier for your business is only the first step. You deserve financing options and plenty of support along the way. Before handing over all your office supplies budget for the year, talk to one of our experts at KBS Group. We can discuss options such as managed print services and leases for your new printer or colour copier.

  • Managed Print Services: Have you ever wondered how much you spend on printing and copying? Does your IT department squirm when you need them to check out a printing issue on your wireless printer? When you consider using a managed print program, you get the best of many worlds. For example,
    • Your printing needs will be analysed. You will learn where the leaks are and how to plug the holes.
    • You will receive suggestions to eliminate inefficient local printers. Some of these require unique cartridges that add to your expenses.
    • You will understand how streamlining commercial printer placement can help. Your team needs to remain productive. Proper placement of wireless printers can maximise workflow.
    • You will know which devices need replacing. An underperforming office photocopier does little to assist your team. Get guidance on which business photocopier can save you time and money.
    • You will prevent downtime with automated supply deliveries. No one wants to run out of toner in the middle of a large project.
    • You will alleviate unforeseen repair and maintenance costs. Nothing costs more than a piece of equipment that fails when you need it most.
  • Leases: With an office printer or photocopier lease, you can enjoy new equipment without the significant expenditure of purchasing it. Pairing a lease with managed printing ensures your equipment is maintained, and supplies are always on hand.
  • Rentals: Sometimes, it makes more sense to rent your photocopier. This option gives you flexibility, especially when you are just starting business. It can also help when your organisation makes frequent changes and consolidations in and between departments.

Best Source for Your Office Supplies

Today’s competitive market requires strategic solutions and purchasing that will bring efficiency to any business. Get your business essentials under control. From paper and toner to staples and pens, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need to keep your business running smoothly, at a price that makes sense. Ordering office supplies ans stationery is easy with our online store, and delivery is free for orders over £30.

We offer a wide range of services, equipment, and supplies to help you keep your company running smoothly and effortlessly. For those processes that go paperless, allow KBS Managed Document Solutions to give you peace of mind while optimising your document processes. You can count on us to provide the solutions you are looking for in your enterprise.

Call us on 028 9037 0073 or contact us online today to discuss your IT and office solution needs. See what we can do for you!

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