KBS VoIP Phone System, the ease of use

Simplifying the user and management interface helps you improve your handling of incoming calls and allows you to better manage outbound calls.

With complex and evolving communication technologies, we help you manage all your communication devices as a single user rather than an array of phones and computers.

A fully functioning hosted phone system that makes number management easy

KBS Group can replace or work alongside your current phone system. It brings all your phone numbers and devices, both personal and business, under one management system.

We’ve a range of VoIP desk phone options to choose from, from leading manufactures Snom, Yealink and Polycom. Simply select if it’s desk, dect or a conference unit you need. Or if you have an existing IP phone give us a call, we may be able to manually provision it for you.

Setup in minutes, with no manual

Manage all devices and numbers with drag and drop technology, in one easy to use portal. Anyone can configure a phone system with KBS Group.

A powerful modern phone system that can work with the leading CRM systems

Incorporate your hosted phone system into the leading CRM platforms. Click 2 dial, screen popping, call analytics, make the most out of your phone system.

This ease of use helps:

  • Managers to see how customers are dealt with by phone
  • Users to manage all their devices
  • Administrators to manage the system on their own

Using the Cloud Phone System

Here’s an illustration of how easy it is for your team to use the Cloud Phone system:

  • During setup, each team member chooses:
    • The devices the extension number rings on.
    • If voicemails will go to email.
    • When extensions shift to ‘do not disturb.’
    • Whether to record inbound calls.
    • Whether to show outbound calls to a different phone number than his or her own.
    • The ‘path’ of the inbound calls such as first to mobile, then to a switchboard, and finally, to a desk phone.
  • Since all calls are recorded, you have a searchable database of call details.
  • You can check on other team members to see who’s on the phone.
  • You can dial any of your contacts using your computer screen, then connect the call to any configured device.

The Cloud Phone system makes it easy to get insights about usage by your team with statistics like:

  • Inbound/outbound call frequency and duration
  • The number of calls going to voicemail
  • Call dates, times, type, and location (local, international, mobile)

And the Cloud Phone offers both security and resiliency.

  • Multiple security layers, such as strong passwords, destination blocking, and credit limits on accounts prevent breaches.
  • The system operates across several data centres to ensure there’s always the capacity for a call.

The Power of Simple…

…For Managers

In a few clicks, the reporting tool shows you how your organisation is using the phone. The simple graphs explain how long customers are on hold, how many calls went unanswered, and how many calls were made and received. It’s so easy to use, it can be managed internally saving money on support contracts and regular updates.

…For Users

Decide what devices you would like calls to come in on, and in what order. Decide what phone number you would like to present on outbound calls. Decide whether you would like voicemail on a central system or to be sent to you in an email as a sound file. Record the calls you need to record etc.

…For Administrators

The drag and drop technology means that anybody can create the inbound call routing for even quite complex organisations. You don’t need to depend on a phone company. The diagnostic tools in the administrator panel will enable you to see the quality of the broadband connection, and internal network.

Built & designed by telephone experts

The KBS cloud phone system is designed and built by a team of telephone and software engineers who recognise the large gap between what technology could do and what customers used.

The team worked in a telephone company that saw customers rarely do more than put a call on hold and transfer. The call data that systems accumulated was rarely analysed. They saw that once a system was set up it was rarely changed.

Why Move to the Cloud Phone System?

With the Cloud Phone system, you can ditch handsets and wired phone lines. If your company already maintains a Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), you’ll reap additional benefits with a cloud-hosted system.

Companies switch to business VoIP solutions, where you can make and receive calls using an internet connection, for several reasons.  They want to:

  • eliminate the cost of paying for individual phones connected to residential lines
  • have one service that handles internal and external calls (including extension calling)
  • gain access to multi-party conferencing, video conferencing, queues, auto attendees, and busy lamp features – all tools that empower teams to work from any location

A Business VoIP system levels the playing field for small-to-medium-sized enterprises by giving them access to features typically available for only large corporations.  VoIP reduces the total cost of ownership through less frequent equipment, maintenance, and repair charges, as well as lower prices per minute and per feature.

Although some may think that Business VoIP and Cloud Phone systems are the same, a Cloud-hosted VoIP offers additional benefits.

The Value of the Cloud Phone System

Here’s how the Cloud Phone system delivers a return on your investment:

  1. You get a more cost-effective solution than traditional phone lines or on-premise business, VoIP Private Business Exchanges (PBX).
  • You only pay for internet service, cloud system setup, and monthly service charge – no hardware costs or maintenance. Local and international calls stream through the internet, saving you money.
  1. You have reliable, consistent communication, regardless of the company size.
  • If you’re starting with 5 people or have a 500-person staff, the Cloud Phone system remains steady. And you’re not tied to a single location, giving you access to employees and customers wherever and whenever they have internet access.
  1. You can customize the Cloud Phone system to meet your needs.
  • As you build your team, you can easily add phone lines and extensions without delays associated with copper wires and on-premise equipment. Are you closing one site to move to a larger facility? You can deactivate phone lines in minutes.
  1. You’ll have more robust security from the Cloud Phone system than traditional lines.
  • Thanks to data encryption, voice and video security, and network security, the Cloud Phone system minimizes the risks of fraud, phishing, or spoofing.
  1. You get a mobile, flexible communication system.
  • The Cloud Phone system’s accessibility through mobile apps gives you and your team the ability to connect remotely, from home, or while travelling on business.
  1. System updates and upgrades happen automatically.
  • Your Cloud Phone system software automatically adds features and downloads any bug fixes.
  1. Less time (and money) spent on your phone system frees up resources to grow your business.
  • Any software malfunctions or hardware maintenance aren’t on your to-do list with the Cloud Phone system. If you have a stable internet connection and operable IP phones, you’re ready to hit those sales targets.

Streamline your business processes and become more accessible to your customers with the Cloud Phone system. Take advantage of the Cloud, every day and everywhere with your secure internet connection.

Advantages of the Cloud Phone System

When you shift your business VoIP to the Cloud Phone system, notable benefits include the following:

  • cost savings thanks to minimal setup costs and zero maintenance fees
  • short implementation times to give you a quicker return
  • no hardware onsite to purchase, use, manage, or repair
  • minimum internal IT support needed since system management shifts to your provider
  • easy scalability as your team and company grow
  • fit with any business size

For users, the functions of the Cloud Phone system will boost workplace efficiency.  Here’s how:

  • You can configure user access and features with a web-based platform accessible from anywhere.
  • Setting up the Cloud Phone system is as simple as downloading a mobile app.
  • You’ll have access to conference calling, auto attendants/virtual assistants, and call logs.
  • You and your team can place and receive calls from almost everyone with an internet connection – that means you have online access to your phone line.
  • You can also communicate and manage information from any location – no need to be at the workplace. The Cloud Phone system stores information you need and makes it available wherever you have internet access.
  • Web-based customer portals will improve team time management and client interactions – no more interruptions due to weather conditions or downed telephone lines.
  • You have control over how your tea communicates and who can access your system.
  • You can achieve unified communications and integrated features across different devices that will streamline business workflows.
  • You configure customer calls to reach the right department, improving customer experience.
  • Because the cloud collects data from every call, you can track outcomes and review analytics to enhance communications with customers.

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