Your partner for every step of your Digital Transformation Journey.

Our expert solutions team will help you to simplify your journey to the Cloud. Choosing the best path to the cloud for your organisation, identifying the applications you should migrate to the cloud, outlining the technologies that are right for you and simply helping your employees make an successful shift towards Cloud and the benefits it delivers for your business.

At KBS, our strength in depth ensures we deliver tangible business value for the organisations who engage us. Your requirements and needs vary over time, but by partnering with expert IT consutants at KBS, we ensure you have the right people, providing the right outcomes, when you need them most.

Whether you require assistance with IT strategy and business goal alignment, strategic IT planning, technology readiness or simply need technical resource and project fulfilment, the team at KBS can help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re an existing KBS customer or would like to engage us for the first time tactically, for a single engagement for a specific business need, we will tailor our services to meet your requirements.

You will find our engagements and methodology transparent, professional and above all else, successful. Through our consultative, pre-sales approach we will work with you to identify the most experienced and appropriately accredited expertise that will allow you to reduce project risk or exposure, contain cost and be provided with an offer that is transparent and competitive. A full end-to-end service from design & planning through to procurement & delivery, our experience covers the delivery of a wide range of projects across multiple business, technical and technology specific functions. At KBS, you will be taken care of. Why not book a FREE no obligation Digital Assessment for your business. Our discovery process combines deep organisational insights to make informed IT decisions aligned to business strategy.

Our IT Consultancy Services

Experts in leading Cloud platforms

Our expertise extends beyond The Cloud, with over 20 years experience across our growing team. As a Gold Microsoft Partner, you have peace of mind that we will deliver the right solution every time.

Strategic Consulting

IT Strategy is a business challenge, making sure your business is future proofed. We help identify focus areas and the roadmap to securing data, reducing risk and ensuring uninterrupted access to business critical and sensitive information.

Security Consulting

Getting the right advice and guidance at executive level is critical to assisting with long term business and technology planning. Our impartial experts can help you move with agility to achieve your ambition.

Design & Planning

Experienced technical architects to design solutions that deliver real business value and meet your budgetary requirements

Technical Consultancy

Our flexible and expert IT consultancy services can help formulate and deliver your organisation’s IT strategy, and our highly trained technical experts can augment your existing resources for short-term projects.

Flexible Portfolio

We offer a range of technology consulting services to compliment or scale your organisation’s IT resources, and our knowledgeable experts will deliver projects on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption.

Our Approach

Design & Planning

Experienced technical architects to design solutions that deliver real business value and meet your budgetary requirements

Project Delivery

Technically accredited and experienced engineers

Project Management

Using PRINCE 2 project management methodology to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget

Vendor Agnostic

We design and implement solutions based on the business needs rather than the latest vendor deals.

Hardware Procurement

Our expertise and partnerships across many global vendors mean that we have access to Best of Breed hardware and peripheral products for a full end-to-end service.

What’s next in your Digital Transformation Journey?

Access our experts do review your digital maturity, with a FREE digital assessment to improve your business’s IT Infrastructure and Security.

Our IT Managed Services can help you to:

Your business growth is our mission and your improved business performance is at the forefront of everything we do. We tailor our IT strategy to the level of IT experience of the users across your organisation to ensure an optimal user experience, leading to better performance.

Enhance user experience

Enrich workforce productivity

Cost efficiency gains

Support flexible work space and employee well being

Enable agility & innovation

The Benefits of Outsourced IT Consulting

Our IT Consulting Services can help you make the first step to a complete digital transformation that leads to better productivity and performance across your entire business. We can lend our technology expertise, gathered over more than 150 years of combined industry experience, to design the perfect IT infrastructure and environment to support your growth plans, however ambitious they may be.

Digitalisation can be intimidating and confusing, especially with the number of digital tools available on the market. Our professional IT consultants can help you make sense of the world of technology by offering practical, actionable solutions hand-picked for your business needs and requirements. 

Here, at KBS, we are vendor agnostic. With multiple partnerships with numerous global vendors so we are always objective when we weigh the pros and cons of each software ensuring you truly get the best solution.  

Some of our accreditations & partnerships

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