Increase your employees ability to perform and collaborate.

Whatever the industry, we can help your business become more agile.

Be confident your team can perform, wherever they are.

Be confident your team can perform, wherever they are.

With remote working becoming mainstream your organisation needs to have confidence in its employees ability to perform.

We are a specialist technology integrator with a wealth of experience and expertise so you can be confident in the advice and services we provide. Our Business Digital Assessments will help your business better support its remote workers by ensuring they have the right technology.

Whether you want to streamline you Document processes, have automation and control within your Print environment or simply want to move to the cloud for more agility.

We make digital transformation a reality.

Transforming IT operations with KBS gives your organisation the power to turn IT into a competitive business advantage. With increased speed and agility, you can optimise IT services, deliver new services and applications faster, and bolster the time employees spend serving customers up to 140% more effectively

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IT Transformation

KBS will help you maximise IT value using modernised technology, automated processes, and streamlined IT operations. The goal: Make your systems more agile to help your teams become more productive.

Workforce Transformation

KBS provide innovative ways to collaborate on devices with anytime/anywhere access to applications and data. The goal: Make it easier for your teams to harness the power of data and information to speed decision-making and get results.

Security Transformation

KBS will protect your organisation and its data from cyber threats while embracing new technology without risks. The goal: Free your organisation from this ongoing fear and focus instead on innovations that will drive your business forward.

KBS has grown to become a leading player in the field of IT Services & Solution within Northern Ireland. Our growth reflects our expertise at offering comprehensive solutions, excellent value for money, and above all else, fantastic service.

We know you have choices for IT managed services. With KBS, you get a team dedicated to working in partnership with you. We work hard to maximise return on your investment. We want you to achieve tangible cost and resource benefits through a relationship with us. We value the trust you place in us to deliver results whilst allowing you to focus on your core business.

Whether you want to make the transition to the cloud, create a strong, reliable IT security foundation, or simply review your current infrastructure, we are here to listen. Shifting to IT managed solutions from KBS provides you with industry-leading IT support and service packages at competitive prices.

Improve Your Operations with Managed IT Solutions

Achieving your financial goals starts with focusing your talent and resources in the right areas, then clearing the way to maximise productivity. The team at KBS Group can help. We specialise in managed IT services for small businesses, meaning we understand the importance of lean operations. You’ll have more time to focus on the core areas of your business and gain peace of mind knowing that IT managed solutions are in place.

The benefits of managed IT services are worth the investment. You’ll have access to expertise across a wide range of IT solutions and have the flexibility to choose the services you need.

  • You’ll have access to expertise across a wide range of IT solutions and have the flexibility to choose the services you need.
  • We are proactive with updates and maintenance issues, which helps improve the dependability of your technology.
  • Less network downtime, faster systems, and fewer failures translate into better business outcomes.
  • With managed IT security services, you can reduce the threat of cybercrimes. If a cyber-attack does occur, disaster recovery plans will get you back on track, smoothly.
  • Costs for IT managed solutions become more predictable, and you are likely to see IT costs drop while operational efficiencies go up.

Since hardware is a significant portion of your budget, selecting the right laptops, desktops, printers, and servers is essential to getting a good return on your investment. We’ll talk with you about your business to uncover answers to the following questions:

  • What features are most important to your workflow?
  • How much hardware speed and performance does your team need to be productive?
  • What amount of digital storage space makes sense for your company?
  • How mobile is your team while working?
  • What are your near-term and long-term growth plans?

Our discussion will help us make recommendations about decisions for your IT hardware configuration such as:

  • the number of laptops vs. personal computers you need
  • the type of processors to target for matching the size and complexity of your workload
  • the role of cloud storage vs. external hard drives and device storage capabilities
  • the tools you need to make it easier for your team to work remotely or print from a mobile phone
  • the level and type of security you need for your IT hardware
  • the importance of investing in scalable solutions with scheduled refreshes to ensure optimal performance

When you partner with KBS group for IT Managed Solutions, running your business becomes easier and far more efficient.

KBS Group earned the highest level of accreditation in the Microsoft Partner program. We are proud to be Gold Microsoft Partners.

Working with a Microsoft partner doesn’t cost you anything. But because we maintain a close working relationship with Microsoft, you’ll benefit from our expertise with their platforms and services.

We provide proven, innovative solutions that give you a competitive advantage. Our strategic partnership with you keeps us focused on bringing value to your business.

No sales nonsense here! With KBS Group, you receive high-quality service, often at a lower cost than an in-house team. We’re committed to understanding your processes, reducing your risk, and improving the agility of your organisation.

For us, a successful relationship with you means we’re more than your vendor for Managed IT Support. We’re a trusted advisor focused on helping you achieve your goals.

Are you ready to start the digital transformation of your business? Contact us today to set up a convenient time to connect. Let’s get started now!

KBS Group are proud to be Gold Microsoft Partners.

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