Print whatever you need for less with KBS, Instant Toner Supplies Program

The hassle-free, money and time saving toner subscription services from KBS can help you business save up to 65% off your current printer costs. Take back control of your printer costs with a simple chat with one our team. We will help you identify opportunities to reduce your printer costs, automate the supply for toners while giving you access to reporting so that you monitor you total costs of ownership.

Save Money

On average we save customers up to 65% on their printer costs – this is even before we offer other additional Managed Print Services that look at your entire print environment to create plans and support bases on your individual business needs and operations.

Never Run out

Set alerts that will monitor when your printers are running low on ink and toner and we will automatically sends more, so you never run out. You will receive cartridges when your printer runs low, not necessarily every month, or at a certain page % yield on your cartridge. It’s completely up to you and changeable for each device.

Complete Control

Keep track of every page you print and monitor your usage. Set up plans that will control what you allow to print and much more. Enhance your print security reduce waste.

How it works

Printer cartridges are a crucial part of any office or home stationery cupboard. In whatever role that you use a LaserJet printer, you’ll need to have a good stock of toner cartridges ready to go. Our selection of KBS branded LaserJet toner cartridges is ideal for keeping your LaserJet printer running when you need it most. We supply 1000s different types of printer cartridges to an ever growing customer base and it couldn’t be easier.

We will know exactly when your toner is running low and order a replacement cartridge before the old one runs out. So instead of downtime, you get smooth and efficuent printing when you need it.

We simply will chat to you about your current costs and challenges, create a plan and implement software with alerts and consumable delivery schedules/automation that works for you.

We can offer plans from a simple month on month no obligation model right up to a sophisticated enterprise model scheme. We have the flexibility to work with you, and more importantly for you.

Interested and want to find out more?

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