Optimise The Management Of Information.

Business happens everywhere: in the office, on the road, in your home. Customers expect and deserve efficient and well-informed service. Streamlining your document processes helps customer-facing employees handle their tasks with ease so that they can deliver personalised service that results in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With a dedicated IT services team at KBS, we can discuss many other ways and possibilities to digitally transform your business.

How Managed Document Solutions Streamline Workflow

Think about the last time you prepared for a customer meeting. You may set objectives based on a series of email exchanges with your team and the customer. Maybe you built a customer report card by pulling invoices from your files. Your marketing team might have created a short presentation about industry trends. You likely spent several hours compiling the useful information into a cohesive presentation. What if you could accomplish the same results without leaving your office?

Managed document services can help transform chaotic business processes into controlled, streamlined activities. Your company functions more efficiently with fewer internal interruptions, unnecessary steps, and less waste.

We’ve highlighted several areas that benefit from managed document solutions.

  • Document Storage. Instead of file cabinets and computer hard drives filled with emails and documents, you’ll transition to a paperless environment. Digital document storage lets you upload protected documents, assign access permissions, collaborate with team members to move materials through the revision and approval process, and track document management.
  • Project Management. Electronic document workflows help teams who are responsible for project oversight and execution. You can easily create requests for proposals, including blueprints, licenses, and permits. After a project starts, you can track activity and verify document status. Managed document solutions help everyone on the team stay on the same page throughout every stage of the project.
  • Legal Compliance. With management document services, you’ll have confidence that your team knows and obeys all laws and regulations about operating the business and managing teams and customers. You’ll have a secure platform for sharing guidelines and process workflows. If you have patents or intellectual property, electronic document storage solutions allow law firms and investors to upload and share sensitive documents, sign NDAs, track views, and revoke access to downloaded materials if necessary.
  • Audits. Managed document solutions can help end the stress of an examination by setting access, authentication, and retention policies. Struggles to locate and retrieve documents diminish, and you’ll have more peace of mind with electronic document workflows in place to prevent document modifications or unintended deletions.
  • Financing. When businesses of any size across all industry sectors start the process of raising capital, the due diligence process can be challenging. Document workflows help you store contracts, organise files, and notify investors about document updates. Collaboration is straightforward, and you can monitor interactions, secure documents with watermarks, download prevention, or print-blocking.
  • Asset Buying and Selling. Digital document storage gives you a central repository for information about buildings, equipment, inventory, and receivables. You can also keep track of intangibles like customer lists, patents, trademarks, and goodwill. Transaction information is easily shared, downloaded, and reviewed with an audit trail of the process.

Managed document solutions give you control of the documents you create and better oversight of workflows and processes. You’ll save space, time, and money with digital document storage solutions. Watch productivity and customer responsiveness go up with managed document services from KBS Group!

Managed Document Solutions

DocuWare software is an intuitive and flexible business solution allowing you to store, organise and retrieve any document securely, at any time, from any location.

Available as on-premise or cloud based system DocuWare automates many business processes, allowing documents to be managed electronically both simply and securely. Authorised users can connect either via the Web or by mobile apps ensuring they can access their work whether they are working from home, in the office or at an off-site location.

DocuWare also provides email notifications and reminders, ensuring processes run smoothly whilst reducing human error.

Each Managed Document Services Solutions is designed around your needs, both in terms of your goals and how your business works. Working closely with your team, we use our proven approach to establish the best configuration for your organisation.

As a DocuWare partner we will help you perfect the processes at the heart of your business. Set a new pace for productivity and team work when information flows effortlessly between your decision makers and departments within your organisation.

Allowing users the ability to find important documents with one simple search, DocuWare provides regular searches, these can be saved to ensure total efficiency. Search buttons can even be embedded into 3rd party applications such as your Finance, CRM or ERP system as well as regularly used office applications, such Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

By helping to automate business process and procedures, such as approving invoices, onboarding new starters as well as managing customer data, DocuWare can be used by almost every employee, whether they work in Accounts, HR, Sales or Service.

Our services addresses the three essential elements of Document Management.

The creation of information

Working closely with your team, we use our proven approach to establish the best configuration for your organisation. First we evaluate how your business accesses, uses and stores print and electronic information, assessing your environment, devices and the information itself.

The movement of information around your businessss

We then work to optimise your infrastructure to make sure your employees have seamless access to the information they need to support their work. Next we look at your business input and output behaviour – what your users print and why.

The processing of information so that it delivers business value

With this information to hand, we establish which print management technologies will best help you increase productivity and eliminate waste. Throughout the process, we evaluate how your employees are responding to change and, if necessary, adapt our approach accordingly.

Digital transformation in any department.

From manufacturing to retail, healthcare to government: organisations across the world are discovering the benefits of digital transformation. The journey, milestones and rewards of digital transformation vary between leaders, teams and companies. Many start with the easiest step toward digitization: getting rid of paper. For some, it’s decentralizing decision-making to mobile apps. For others, it’s process reinvention through analytics and big data. The net results are the same: digital-first thinking, knowledge worker empowerment, secure automation, and enhanced business agility.

Talk to Our Experts Today

Working closely with your team, we use our proven approach to establish the best configuration for your organisation. As part of our service, KBS can also manage additional vendors who feed into your document management infrastructure, allowing you to streamline processes and costs and reduce management overhead.

Our team is at hand to help you make the right decisions for your business. Contact us for advice and information on how we can help.

Transitioning Successfully to Managed Document Services

Working with any new system, including managed document services, can feel like an out-of-control car. You’re trying to organise thousands of documents associated with your business and get everyone moving forward successfully.

Just as pulling your car out of a spin becomes intuitive with a little practice, you can get your document workflows up-and-running in short order by following these tips. The KBS team will be with you every step of the way.

  1. Map Your Journey.
    • You don’t take a road trip without knowing your destination, so don’t expect your organisation to adopt managed document solutions without a plan explaining how to use the system.
    • KBS Group’s managed document services have features to help with document uploads, indexing, search, processing, security, and collaboration. We’ll work with you and your internal team to prioritise the features most beneficial to your company.
  2. Simplify the User Experience.
    • Your team wants digital document solutions that ‘turn-on-and-go.’ Most of them aren’t curious about the inner components of the platform.
    • We’ll help you create rules of operation to make it easy for your teams to get the most out of your managed document services quickly. We’ll focus on areas where consistency is essential, including:
      • Folder Set-Up. We’ll help you create formats for organising and name files that make it easy for users to find and understand the system. Titles should be clear, concise, and unique. For example, we won’t have a ‘data’ sub-folder in each primary folder.
      • Document Naming. Having consistent naming conventions that fit with your departments’ existing processes will shorten the learning curve for your teams.
      • Filing ‘Cabinets.’ We can build virtual file cabinets for each department or client. This parallel with your current system will make navigation more straightforward for users (and auditors).
      • Pre-Set Permissions. We’ll talk to you about authorisations for your electronic document workflows before launching the system. Early decisions will reduce confusion among individuals and teams about file cabinets and folders they can access.
  3. Train Your Team.
    • Most drivers didn’t start as experts on the road. We encourage small training sessions to teach 5 to 10 users the ‘rules of the road’ after installing the managed document solutions.
    • Training will focus on outcomes by discussing the following:
      • Your rationale and goals for moving to paperless document storage and electronic document workflows.
      • Rules to follow when using managed document solutions, including user guidelines, document workflows, and security protocols.
      • Examples that illustrate how managed document services will affect daily activities. We’ll show your team how to create folders with your company’s structure, upload documents, and using the naming conventions. Your team will also learn about functionality like document changes, approvals, and search.

Reaching your destination involves having a safe, reliable transport system and a team trained to get you there.

KBS Group’s partnership with DocuWare gives you an easy-to-use interface with top-notch security and a team of experts who can customise the solution to meet your needs. DocuWare is accessible from any device, giving your team managed document services that work wherever they need them.

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