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Choose a Print Solution that Boosts Productivity and Your Bottom Line

When you partner with KBS for a Managed Print Solution, we’ll assess your current environment, then design and implement a program to improve your print management. We’ll show you how to optimise managed print services to ensure your company realises improved efficiency and cost savings.


With smart alerts & our account management your fleet will never run low. Holding stock will become a thing of the past. You will receive consumables only when you need them.

Parts & Labour

Our all-inclusive offering includes parts & labour. Because we have the largest service team in Northern Ireland, we guarantee a 99% device uptime supported with our trained and qualified engineers. You get 1st fix – always.


We understand that all our customers are unique. Our account managers become an extension of your business, working with you continuously to provide guidance and innovative ideas to help your business.


We provide flexible solutions to support a variety of circumstances. Whether you keep existing printers, refresh or optimise some devices, or replace all devices, our team of experts has a managed print solution to meet your needs.

Software Solutions

We partner with many leading software providers to create solutions that are secure, effective and productive. Talk to us about arranging a demo of our offerings.

Cost & Print Reduction

We will show you how to cut print wastage, and more importantly, we’ll help you reduce your print costs with figures that far outweigh your expectations.

Workflow Tools

We will help you automate everyday activities through your print devices, enabling your business to become more efficient. Our workflow tools capture, store, manage, share, find, and deliver information more efficiently.

Technical Certified Support

With team members trained and certified to the highest standard across all areas of our business, you’ll receive the best service and guidance every day.


We are a proactively green business. We encourage and help customers incorporate sustainable practices into their operation such as tackling waste print or ensuring print devices have minimal environmental impact.

We will put the right devices where you need them. With a flexible approach and expertise, we make the most of your existing printers and use a continuous review plan to ensure you meet print targets and budgets.

At KBS, we work with our customers to develop unique comprehensive print management solutions. Gain control of your printing. Manage your business, not just your printers with a KBS Managed Print Solution.

Printing is an essential part of your business. Invoices, customer communications, bills of lading, and contracts are just a few of the documents your team prints every day. Would it surprise you to learn that:

  • Printing can represent as much as 15% of your annual spend, ranking #3 on the list of business expenses after rent and payroll?
  • Employees print up to 10,000 pages annually, at an average cost of more than £600?
  • Annual paper consumption in the UK averages 125 kg per person? – that’s about 18 bowling balls!
  • Most companies (90%) don’t know how many printers they own?
  • Around 50 percent of calls to IT is about print environments?

Print management can help you have visibility into and control over your print costs.

What Does Print Management Include?

Printing covers more than the pages produced by your team. Your expenses also reflect:

  • the material you outsource for quick prints, offset printing, mailers, and distribution
  • printing equipment such as office desktop printers, high-volume printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, and multifunction printers
  • consumables like paper, ink, and toner
  • equipment maintenance and technical support
  • IT time to add, move, or change printing services

Print management delivers several benefits, including:

  • streamlined printer use by reducing local printers which are often inefficient because they service only one user and usually require unique (and costly) print cartridges
  • optimised printer placement in areas accessible to the right number of users
  • removal and replacement of underperforming or inefficient devices
  • automated delivery of supplies like toner or ink cartridges

When you’re effectively managing print services, your costs will become more consistent and predictable, helping you budget more accurately and avoid surprise expenses.

Questions to Ask to Get the Right Print Management Plan

Print management companies have a range of capabilities. To ensure you find the managed print solution that aligns with your organisation, ask the following questions:

  • Can you determine our printing needs? Be wary of print management agencies that present complex print solutions or upgrades at your first meeting.
  • Will you quantify the total cost of ownership? Getting control of costs starts with understanding what you’re currently spending. Total cost calculations go beyond the price of toner to include depreciation and labour for IT support.
  • Will your plan start with our current print fleet? The company that recommends you ditch your existing equipment and buy new doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Why fix what isn’t broken?
  • What’s your approach to service and supply? Print management is just as essential as keeping the lights on. You’ll need a proactive approach with same-day service, automated supply replenishment, and frequent assessments to optimise the performance of your program.
  • Are customised solutions available? Each business has a unique print environment, and few, if any, fit within a standardised plan. If your managed print services proposal has a one-size-fits-all approach, you may want to get additional bids.
  • Can you support a mobile print environment? If your teams work remotely or travel frequently, mobile printing lets them print from off-site locations. Mobile printing reduces trips to the office to print and time spent on finding a way to print documents.
  • Do you offer replacement solutions? Printers, like any piece of hardware, can malfunction. Print management that includes replacement units helps you avoid the hassle and expense of buying devices that don’t fit your environment.

How Managed Print Services Improve Efficiency

The team at KBS Group will talk to you about your goals for print management. Here’s our approach to finding the right solution for you:

  1. We analyse the print elements of your business. We’ll review your printing and document workflows, including printing, scanning, faxing, and distribution. Then, we’ll examine your printing environment, noting the number and placement of all printer devices. Our analysis captures the security of devices and records supply costs. If you don’t have this information readily available, we may conduct some short-term monitoring of your environment to track usage.
  2. We develop a plan. Our goal is to get you better print performance while saving you money. The program might include changes to printer placement, print routing to specific devices, replacement of inefficient equipment, and additional equipment if remote or mobile printing is essential. We’ll also outline options for automating tasks and supply deliveries. Our plan will identify savings opportunities, green strategies, and our costs of service.
  3. We implement your program. With your approval of our recommendations, timeline, and proposal, we’ll get to work. Our managed print solutions include training on new hardware and software, freeing your IT department to focus on other priorities. We also provide regular reporting about the printing health of your company. We’ll share data to demonstrate the return you’re receiving on your managed print services.

Managed print solutions aren’t just for large enterprises. If you’re part of a small-to-mid-sized organisation, your team may already be lean. Resource management is essential to your success, and a print management agency can minimise wasted time and unexpected expenses.

Importantly, with KBS as your print management agency, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your company’s printer security is compliant with laws and requirements. We can incorporate document encryption and device authentication to prevent unauthorised document or network access. Depending on your needs, we’ll recommend technologies like swipe-to-print or authorised release to protect confidential information from cyber threats or inadvertent retrieval by those without appropriate permissions.

Why Choose KBS Group

You have choices for managed print services. When you engage  KBS Group as your print management agency, you’ll get a comprehensive program that removes the burden of print service and supply from your to-do list.

We’ll seamlessly manage your company’s print infrastructure with a program tailored to your needs. You’ll realise:

  • lower print costs
  • higher productivity
  • overall improvement in print environment effectiveness
  • reduced IT workload

As your print management partner, the KBS Group will make it easy to enhance your company’s ability to control print costs and improve performance. Contact us today to learn more about our programs. We’ll set up a convenient time to talk about your needs.

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