Empower your employees to work the way they want and need.

The nature of work has changed. Employees expect to work securely from anywhere, on any device, and they put a high premium on work that enriches and fulfills them. When their productivity tools enhance the quality and effectiveness of their work experience, they’re happier, more valuable, and more likely to stay. Companies need to provide that empowerment, but they also need to protect vital IT assets. It’s a fundamental operational change for your customers—and an opportunity for you.

There are many benefits when you move to a Modern Workplace, but right at the heart of all of these benefits is a better customer and employee experience. Starting with building blocks, assessing your business and IT capabilities to then mapping out the vision for your business to become more secure, agile and productive – creating a truly modern workplace.

Technology is both a disruptor and catalyst for growth. It is not just adding capability but changing business models. In this fast-moving digital era, you have to pick your technology partners carefully—making sure they not only have the capabilities you need, but that their approach empowers your agility, efficiencies and differentiation.

KBS delivers an amazing breadth of solutions, but more importantly, we’re working in a way that prioritizes flexibility, integration and trust. We are both working in this way and delivering solutions that support this approach.

The modern workplace is evolving at lightning speed, with distributed teams, brand-new business models, and complex security issues. The right digital tools connect and support employees, wherever they are, to encourage productivity, engagement, and collaboration. Learn more about how Microsoft 365 powers our global, modern workplace with one bundle of products: a smart, efficient operating system, mission-critical enterprise-grade security tools, and seamlessly integrated workplace productivity apps.

How can a Modern Workplace help my business?

Work anywhere, anytime, on any device

28% of all employees have difficulty processing all of the information they receive in a working day. A Modern Workplace makes it becomes a lot easier for your employees to structure and process this information. This allows your staff to work smarter and more efficiently.

Promotes collaboration

Good co-operation within and between organisations is crucial if you want to have satisfied customers and employees. Having a Modern Workplace helps to significantly reduce the email flow and greatly improve co-operation between your staff. Your employees are able to communicate in an accessible way within their team, inside and outside the organisation. In this way, all communication is streamlined.

Greater balance between security and ease of use

Your employees must be able to access their work safely, regardless of where they are. But when they have to sign up for all kinds of applications over and over again, their frustration often creates unsecure workarounds. That’s why you want to offer an easy way to work safely. The Modern Workplace works with the “one identify” concept. Employees get access to all the information they need with one password.

Secure your business

Help safeguard business data with built-in security features. Defend against cyberthreats Make customer data more secure Help secure your devices Manage users and devices

Compliant with protected applications and data

Work carefree knowing that you have all the tools to work and be GDPR compliant. A Modern Workplace can even when an employee has left.

Calling and meetings

Use Microsoft Teams to offer integrated messaging, video conferencing, calling, and online meeting solutions that help customers’ organisations stay connected—wherever they are.

Make your move to a modern workplace

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Work with Microsoft to start your digital business transformation today.

Use our knowledge and expertise in a business assessment, deeper solution session, private preview, or customer focus group—or develop a proof of concept or pilot to drive the right implementations and solutions for your business.

• In a business assessment, you can engage with our one-on-one to scope innovative solutions, architectural designs, and next steps. Incorporating all areas of your business .We will take a look at where you are, what you are trying to achieve, and how we can help you get there.

• In a deeper solution session, you can explore any of our solution areas in more detail to develop a comprehensive plan of how to proceed.

• In new capabilities—starting with our robust tools and your existing infrastructure—to begin developing solutions and ideas that meet your specific needs.

• Begin a proof of concept (POC) or a pilot with support of key engineering teams, partners and vendors. No matter how you start, you can count on KBS to provide the solutions and resources to help you transform your business.

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