Microsoft constantly push out these updates in order to protect your data & fix any vulnerabilities exposed by hackers. Therefore, an outdated OS is a MUCH easier target for an attack. The recent & dreaded topic of GDPR also comes into play – using an operating system which no longer receives vital updates would be a breach of GDPR compliance, as your data would no longer be secure & as you all know could result in a hefty fine for lack of compliance.

Now that we are less than 6 months away from the 14th January deadline, it is important that you have a plan in place to have any Windows 7 devices upgraded or replaced before then if you haven’t done so already.

Upgrading your Windows 7 OS is the only option for you as a business, as not doing so would leave you far too vulnerable to attacks and would prove a much more costly mistake than the small investment required to upgrade any current Windows 7 devices.

You are now probably asking what do I upgrade to?

Windows 10 is the most recent, comprehensive & secure OS on the market with currently just short of 1 billion active users. With built in Anti-virus protection as standard at no extra cost, Windows 10 gives the end user the comfort that ongoing and real time protection against threats are happening on an on-going basis. As well as this, Microsoft are fully committed to improving accessibility and therefore regardless of needs, ability or work style the Windows 10 end user experience will not be impacted and if anything will be enhanced for all.

With regards to Microsoft Server 2008, the same applies for updates & ongoing support. Having an outdated server would have much more serious repercussions in comparison to individual Windows 7 devices, as your whole network would be vulnerable & the door would be open to serious security risks. 

Having said this, end of support for Server 2008 will allow you as a business to consider & take advantage of cloud-based technologies and once deployed, reap the major benefits and savings associated. This does take some planning and is a migration that should be phased and because of this business’ should be wary of making this transition close to the upcoming deadline.If you have not planned for this already and need more information, the team at KBS would be more than happy to have a chat with you to discuss. Feel free to drop me an email at or call the office on 02890370088.

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