This year has brought paradigm shifts across every facet of daily life. A global pandemic has pushed much of our lives online—work, school, entertainment, shopping, and socialising. But one thing remains unchanged: people everywhere share a common need for safety. Today, our need for personal safety includes the digital realm. At KBS Group, we believe that a secure online experience helps empower people to do more, create more, and have trust in the technology that connects us all. It’s no wonder that cybersecurity is a vital part of everything we build.

Security awareness for all

Security awareness for all

Most of us think we’re too smart to fall for a phishing scam, and our confidence only grows when we’re logged onto a company network. Statistics show that nearly one in three security breaches starts with a phishing attack, costing the affected organisation an average of $1.4 million. With the rise in people working from home, new attacks such as consent phishing have cropped up to take advantage of remote workers dealing with home-life distractions. 


Watch this video to learn the top five top Cyber Security best practices for your organisation.

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