Ease of use

Simplifying the user and management interface helps you improve your handling of incoming calls and allows you to better manage outbound calls.

With complex and evolving communication technologies, we help you manage all your communication devices as a single user rather than an array of phones and computers.

This ease of use helps:

• Managers to see how customers are dealt with by phone

• Users to manage all their devices

• Administrators to manage the system on their own

The Power of Simple…

…For Managers

In a few clicks, the reporting tool shows you how your organisation is using the phone. The simple graphs explain how long customers are on hold, how many calls went unanswered, and how many calls were made and received. It’s so easy to use, it can be managed internally saving money on support contracts and regular updates.

…For Users

Decide what devices you would like calls to come in on, and in what order. Decide what phone number you would like to present on outbound calls. Decide whether you would like voicemail on a central system or to be sent to you in an email as a sound file. Record the calls you need to record etc.

…For Administrators

The drag and drop technology means that anybody can create the inbound call routing for even quite complex organisations. You don’t need to depend on a phone company. The diagnostic tools in the administrator panel will enable you to see the quality of the broadband connection, and internal network.

Built & designed by telephone experts

The cloud phone system was designed and built by a team of telephone and software engineers who recognised the large gap between what technology could do and what customers used.

The team worked in a telephone company that saw customers rarely do more than put a call on hold and transfer. The call data that systems accumulated was rarely analysed. They saw that once a system was set up it was rarely changed.

Organisations didn’t adapt the way they handled calls over time. Meanwhile technology is evolving rapidly, all web browsers can be used as phones, numbers are no longer linked to buildings or areas, customers are using personal phones for their work, automatic answering machines are leaving calls unanswered for longer, voicemails are on several devices…

The phone system makes it easy for organisations to harness the power of all this innovation…The Power of Simple.

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