Maximise uptime, reduce costs, and accelerate Cloud adoption.

Are you empowered to react at a moment’s notice and thrive in today’s complex, changing world? Organisations can transform by adopting innovative technology that creates value and differentiates them in the market. With Cloud services, businesses have the opportunity to improve performance, accelerate time to market, and more effectively deliver on customer needs—if the company’s strategy and technologies support that. This is more important today, more than ever. COVID-19 has placed may customers with difficulties around improving technology to meet the new demands placed on business.

At KBS, we understand that each and every business is unique. From healthcare to retail, manufacturing or finance—no two businesses operate the same way. That’s why we can tailor the Microsoft Cloud to meet the needs of any enterprise. Adding Cloud support options to your Premier agreement gives you the essential enterprise support that you depend on to maximise your Cloud solutions.

Enabling The Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365 and Azure, creates a modern workplace where businesses can drive a company wide transformation. Inspiring employees, engaging customers, optimising operations and changing the very nature of your company’s products, services and business models.

In most businesses, work gets done in teams—ad hoc teams, long-standing teams, and dynamic teams. The most basic team is a group of people coming together to solve a business problem. The focus has shifted away from “me-centric” work to “we-centric” work, where people form teams quickly, solve problems, and are empowered to collaborate, early, often, and by default. With Microsoft technologies, businesses can focus on creating experiences and services to help bring teams together, enable productivity, and help drive digital transformation.

Open for Business

Help your business respond to today’s environment and connect people, systems, and operations in new ways. Regardless of where or what work needs to get done, we’re here to help. Let’s move forward together.

Strengthen resilience across six dimensions

Protect and grow the top line

Rapidly identify and respond to changing customer needs with data-driven marketing, sales and pricing.

Develop agile operations

React quickly and manage disruptions in supply chain, logistics, facilities, manufacturing, development and corporate functions.

Enable people

Empower employees to be more productive, collaborate effectively and stay connected in all circumstances. Adapt with new approaches to talent management and development.

Accelerate data and digital platforms

Increase the modularity and availability of core IT infrastructure and applications. Make insights more accessible to enable data-driven, AI-enabled decisions across silos.

Enhance cybersecurity

Safeguard digital assets and react quickly to security breaches in an increasingly distributed environment.

Strengthen financials

Ensure financial liquidity with an operating expenditure-driven cost model, reduced total cost of ownership and data-enabled policies to manage cash and working capital.

The Future of Business Resilience – Build resilience and improve your bottom line

Moving forward, every organization will need to both embrace digital technology and build digital capability to be resilient and thrive in the face of change. Research shows that investments in key digital resilience levers result in aggregated cost savings of 15 to 25 percent.

COVID-19 has increased cost pressure on most organisations. For example, 90 percent of leaders expect stricter funding policies for their transformation.

Learn more about how KBS can help your business build resilience, lower costs and improve productivity. Talk to one of our experts today.

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