Make Your Team Happy with Cloud Collaboration Tools  

Cloud collaboration is a boon to productivity in multiple ways. First, it empowers teamwork by enabling ease and speed of finding information. Cloud collaboration improves turnaround on assignments because people know immediately when a document is ready for their work. The big surprise is that collaborating via the cloud can also heighten employee satisfaction.   

Collaboration software users who share, edit and work together on projects, are an astonishing 85% more likely to identify as being happy at their work, according to Wrike.   

When it comes to getting the team to work together on projects, you can’t do any better than cloud-based solutions.   

We’re experts at delivering the latest in collaboration tools. We deliver the resources to keep your workers efficient and motivated. Your projects experience less bottlenecks. And your business remains competitive.   

Take a look at these 6 key benefits to the cloud:   

1. Heightened Creativity  

When everyone has access to files at the same time, no one is left in the dark, which facilitates a springboard for creative minds to flourish. From the get-go, conversations are more productive because everyone is privy to all of the documents from start to completion, enabling a workforce that is in the know and ready to go.   

2. Organised  

One of the best parts about the cloud is that all of your documents are stored in one easily accessible spot. Once your documents are kept in a secure and central location, your employees can complete their work and prepare it for the next step, without ever needing to save — it’s automatically saved — and manually forward to the next person. Everyone works off the latest version of the original file, with the chronological steps of the file stored in its history.   

3. Flexible  

Cloud-computing solutions aren’t static. In fact, they’re highly scalable to support the ebb and flow of your business workflows. The cloud allows for varying storage options with customisable levels of control that suit your business needs, when you need it.   

4. Efficient  

With cloud-based applications, your data is accessible with any device, as long as there is a good internet connection. That enables you to save money on equipment, like servers. And it’s so convenient for your team to access what they need, when they need it, wherever they happen to be.   

5. Strategic   

When your team, no matter if they’re in a coffee shop or across The Atlantic Ocean, can communicate with one another from any location, it proves your business can nimbly respond to any issues immediately after it surfaces. That’s good for competition.   

6. Collaboratively Satisfying  

When your employees are able to communicate via the cloud, the real-time access they enjoy improves the quality of the work they produce. Cloud-computing apps lessen the overall time it takes to complete projects. The adds up to a team that feels productive and valued.   

We deliver scalable and budget-friendly cloud technology to help you transition to the ideal solution, one that optimises your efficiencies with up-to-date technology and streamlined work.  

Our solutions offer your business a competitive edge.   

For more information on cloud collaboration solutions and how we can help you implement the right one for your business, contact us today. Make your team happy.   

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