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Our Tech-as-a-Service is a comprehensive, flexible solution that bundles hardware, software and services into a single subscription price. Best of all, you can scale up or down throughout the course of your subscription term – allowing you to adjust to changing business conditions. Our offers combines unique expertise and specialised services with our operational and logistical strength.

Set yourself apart from the competition

KBS Tech-as-a-Service allows you to combine your hardware, software, and services into a single solution for your convenience. Why not take advantage of the latest technology, optimise your IT budgets, and simplify your billing. 

Our programme helps you to move your away from large capital investments. Instead, they can enjoy technology, training, services and maintenance through a low-cost, monthly or quarterly Tech-as-a-Service subscription plan. Best of all you can scale up or down throughout the period of the subscription term.

End-to-end Solutions

Our broad product portfolio offers and and all endpoint products, client, peripherals, phones and much more!

Flexible Subscription Options

Allows for Scaling up or down throughout the subscription term.

Predictable lower Costs

Not only will you get access to the latest technology but you will unburden IT and day to day management of old products.

What are the business benefits?

By transforming the way your technology is procured, you can save costs, shorten technology refresh cycles, and access to more technologies than ever before.

Using our Tech-as-a-Service programme will help you adapt to business needs quickly.

Save up to 30% on total cost of ownership of hardware and software solutions, implementations are faster and ultimately more effective, and with a single contract, customers will have all of their technology under one agreement – like mobile phones, printers and IT infrastructure. So many of our clients have taken advantage of the cost savings through a Tech-as-a-Service subscription to date! Why don’t you get in touch with one of our specialists to discuss how you can create a predicable, controlled budget, service led with complete flexibility.

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