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Insights into effective remote working using Microsoft Teams.

Your productivity, employee engagement and company outputs should not change as a result of remote working. Businesses of all sizes need to deliver business as usual through intelligent remote working, even at times of disruption. At KBS, we have helped lots of customers transform their business for the new today. Whatever challenges your business face, staying connected with Microsoft Teams and KBS Group empowers remote working to help your team stay productive.

Our short stream provides some useful insights and ideas for how to introduce improved remote working practices into your business. If you would like some assistance with an end-to-end remote solution that is user friendly, adaptable and secure and also scale to meet whatever you business needs are, then we are here to help. 


How you can support your remote workers

In the current economic climate, remote working is turning from an occasional stint to long-term necessity. This creates organisational, administrative and individual challenges – but there are solutions out there to help you meet them. Across the globe, businesses are responding to the current climate by switching to remote working at scale – but this is a major challenge, not just for business leaders, but for individuals across the network.

Your employees may find it disruptive, unsettling and stressful. You need to do all you can to help them adjust, establish normality and feel confident and happy.

Reassure and motivate employees who are
remote working

You need to ensure that you’re providing the support needed to give the most help to your remote workers. These three key areas a good place to start:

Social interaction

Communication is king. You need to make your presence felt across the network with regular interactions.

Encourage frequent dialogue between line managers and their teams to assess satisfaction and happiness in their working lives. Create forums and community groups to provide a platform for sharing ideas and providing feedback as well as enjoy some fun with work colleagues as they would in a normal office environment. Have your People teams provide guidance and advice on good working behaviors whilst at home.

Overall, it’s vital to promote a message of support for health and well being as providing this for the whole organisation is your number one priority. This will show to your people that despite the circumstances, they are most certainly not alone.

Setting collaborative goals

You as a business leader need to outline a clear vision for the organisation, share it with your teams and show them what their individual role within it is.

Group objectives and targets have always been a key motivator for employees. If they feel like they’re part of a team working towards something, they’ll be more productive – especially if they can see their own contribution to the collective effort

As individuals face their own challenges with remote working, so too does the wider organisation.

One difficulty lies in the ability to communicate with your teams. Emails and video conferencing have their limits, one-to-ones won’t feel the same and social interactions are reduced. But it’s crucial that leaders find a way to provide support and motivation.

Technology plays a significant part in this – but it’s a double-edged sword. It provides functions that make remote working more feasible, but also complicate life by making devices more complex. We will help you ask the right questions, analyse the needs of your employees and business, and find the technology solutions that work for you.


There are many challenges facing business leaders today, lessen that challenge and difficulty to have effective communication with your employees and colleagues. Talk to us today about Teams and other tools to help you transform your business for the new today. 

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